Photos by Lauri Levenfeld


Egypt Sherrod

1. Who are you? Tell us about your business, charity or endeavor.

My name is Egypt Sherrod and I am the star of HGTV’s “Property Virgins” and the CEO of the Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group. I’m also married and the mother of a busy little 2 year old and a 13 year old from our blended family. I’ve been called a Cadbury egg, a tough exterior on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside. The first time someone said that to me I cracked up. I would have to agree that I have very stern and tough skin, which is necessary to be a successful businesswoman. But at the same time I have a huge heart that bleeds for people. I’m a momma bear in my business and personal life. I’m a protector.

I was born into a family with successful real estate agents, property flippers and commercial property managers in Philadelphia. Initially I didn’t want to follow the family career path so I ran as far away from the business as possible. I graduated Temple University with a BA in Mass Communications, Broadcasting and Telecommunications and at age eighteen I interned at a local radio station as a receptionist. I admired the emotional influence of radio hosts and how they could put a smile on their listener’s face, ultimately making a difference in their day. The production director, Howard Jackson, was impressed by my ability to charm and engage and saw a spark in me that I didn’t even see in myself. Howard worked with me every day to help develop my “voice.” A hosting opportunity on Jazz FM ultimately changed the course of my life. I was told that my warm persona worked well on radio and I was able to quickly win over guests and listeners during my 20 year radio career. My radio career took me from Philadelphia to NYC, where I went on to host WBLS 107.5 & Power 105.1 interviewing A-listers including Oprah Winfrey, Prince, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and more. I have also been a staple on radio stations in major cities such as 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia, V103 in Atlanta, and 92Q in Baltimore.

2. What is your cause?

Family support and mentorship has played a huge role in my personal success in the real estate industry and beyond. It became important to me to create an outlet to pour back into other people. The Egypt Cares Family Foundation is based out of Atlanta and allows my team and I to offer inspiring and constructive lectures, boot camps and seminars. The main focus of the organization is to educate both men and women on the importance of wealth preservation and home ownership. We believe that family IS the foundation. Our mission is to enrich the family structure as a whole.
We aim to provide resources and motivation that support families on their journey to financial literacy, health awareness, higher education and successful communication within the family unit.

3. When did you first begin your journey into becoming an entrepreneur?

Isn’t it funny how life brings us full circle sometimes. As far away as I ran from real estate, my fundamental financial morals brought me right back. In the early 2000’s after stacking away a nice nest egg from my radio career, I was looking for smart ways to invest my money. I grew up knowing that real estate was the foundation of wealth so I turned my sights to real estate investing by purchasing my first investment property when I was 23 and was a home owner by 24. I started small, and then slowly began buying dilapidated homes and flipping them for a profit, quickly realizing I inherited the family talent. Let’s just say I got bit by the real estate bug. I loved it and decided to get my license to sell real estate.

After receiving my real estate license, I put my radio connections to good use, offering my services to celebrity guests paving the way for big name clients, including numerous celebrities as well as Jets and Giants football players. I essentially built my real estate career while I was still working in my radio career. I became the host of “Property Virgins” over 4 years ago which allowed me to marry my broadcast and real estate passion. After cementing my credibility, I saw it as the perfect time to “GO to GROW” and left my radio career to establish The Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group.

4. What is your best advice for someone with a great idea or starting their own business?

Do the homework!! Research the business models of others who have done it successfully. Make sure you build a great support arsenal. I’m talking about your Attorney, CPA, Business Manager, Administrative, and Tech Support.

5. What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur you have to be a self-starter, be organized, have great follow up, set goals and plan ahead. As a business owner, I still work as much and as hard as I’ve worked my entire life, but the difference is, now I am doing it for MYSELF versus for someone else. I LOVE that every day is different and flexible.

I enjoy the personal connection I make with our clients. I am still actively listing and selling homes, not because I have to, but because I LOVE IT! It brings me personal pleasure to assist homebuyers on their journey to home ownership. It’s an emotional roller coaster. Every transaction is different. Some are significantly harder than others. But it’s a huge life accomplishment and I enjoy being a conduit for my buyers.

6. What has been your biggest win? Biggest challenges?

I like to think I’m still in the process of accomplishing my biggest win!! The best is yet to come. But I’ll tell you one of the major accomplishments right now is completing my book “Keep Calm…. It’s Just Real Estate: Your No-Stress Guide To Buying A Home”.  So I’m gearing up for a book tour for 2015. It took me two years to write it so I am feeling very proud of myself at this moment.

As far as biggest challenges….. there have been many. Thankfully I’ve learned to get back up when I fall. My most recent failure came about a year ago because I took an opportunity that I really should not have based on a paycheck versus staying in line with my core values. I’ll never do that again. Lesson learned!

7. As a woman, have you faced any challenges?

I think one of the biggest issues for women in the workplace is being able to balance it all. We tend to carry a lot more on our plates than our counterparts. We have to be business women, mothers, wives, housekeepers, grocery shoppers, homework checkers, sex slaves…lololol just kidding.

8. How do you juggle work life balance with your family?

I consider myself a MOMPRENEUR. A mompreneur is a mother who works for herself , is a boss, and doesn’t believe that she has to compromise her career goals in order to be a great mother. In order to accomplish this, I had to give up wearing the “S” on my chest and accept that I could not be Superwoman. Being effective doesn’t mean doing everything yourself. It means coming up with systems that work! I had to ask for help, find help, tell my husband what I needed in order to manage our crazy life. It allowed me balance. We came up with a master schedule so that we could manage our household with ease. Then he and I made sure to schedule a date night at least once every two weeks, a night just for us.

9. As a mother, what are some important tips you want your children to learn from your experiences in life?

I plan to instill many experiences from my life lessons into my girls such as:

1) Outside beauty is nice but it’s the beauty of a person’s heart that counts.

2) Don’t chase money, chase your passion.

3) Remain open and flexible to all possibilities or else you can be blocking your  blessings

4) People will tell you who they are, and then they’ll show you who they are. Believe what they show you.

5) You reap what you sow. The universe will give you back exactly what you give it. Learn to sow seeds into other people and you will never be alone or in need.

10. How has your career molded you to be the mother you are today?

Lol, well I think it’s made me very jaded. Just as I’ve experienced a lot of good, I’ve also experienced a lot of bad. I think it makes me very guarded at times and over protective. I’m working on that….